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How to Use Trekking Poles (or Sticks): And Choose Them

Trekking poles will save your life! That’s an extreme claim, let’s bring it down a notch. Good trekking poles will save your knees, your back and ankles from a lot of pain! Ultra cheap, heavy as a horse but indestructable – my Gelert trekking poles. And that’s the truth. The best trekking poles are robust, adjustable and lightweight. Using them …

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How to reduce your pack weight for hiking

a big rucksack

On one of my earliest hiking trips I recall that I carried entire spare outfits, a heavy old Swedish army camping stove, at least one saucepan, and a two-man tent that weighed several kilos. Unsurprisingly, the thing I remember most about that trip is the overwhelming struggle with how heavy my pack was. I’ve learnt, adapted and improved since then …

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Become a hiking hero: aka How to get in shape for hiking

Did you know that it’s possible to get super fit without ever having to run? Really, I mean it and all you need to do is walk. Today we’re going to look at how to get in shape for hiking without breaking a sweat, or any bones. If you’re doubtful, don’t be. The military is a fine example of a …

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How To Choose Hiking Boots That Work For You

Do you know how to choose hiking boots? Well, the process is a little like entering into a long and committed relationship: you’re going to travel long distances together, on journeys that may take many years. Along the way there will be friction, fun and occasional boot envy when you’re hiking the wilds. Merrell Moab 2 – a great pair …

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How to Wash A Down Jacket

Hippos and mud: the two mortal enemies of down jackets! Hiking is hard work. With the sheer physical effort associated with hualing your gear through forests and over mountains comes the inevitable post-trip aromas! You trekking gear will achieve a degree of ‘ripeness’ normally only associated with that six week old salad hiding at the back of the fridge. With …

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How To Cross A River: The Hiker’s Guide

A narrow water obstacle (open lead) at the North Pole. Not the kind of water crossing you want to attempt. Picture the scene: your hike has taken you deep into the serene and beautiful hills. Ahead lie swathes of green grass, shimmering peaks and slashes of crystal blue water. But in no time at all the stunning view turns dim …

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Rucking Workout Plan: 6 Weeks to Basic Ruck Fitness

What is Rucking? Rucking, tabbing, yomping, etc. Rucking goes by many names, but, it’s quite simply an amazing way to get fit with the aid of a weighted backpack. The history of rucking goes way back to the era of the Roman Empire, a time when troops were drilled with full weighted gear. The practise continued in to the modern …

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How to Prevent Blisters When Hiking and Hillwalking

When it comes to hiking and hillwalking there’s nothing worse than that first feeling you get when a blister starts to form. Fact: blisters are the most common injury suffered by hikers. We’ve all been there, no matter how experienced we are. Even now, with over 30 years of hiking experience, I still get a few blisters. What I’m going …

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Hillwalking Essentials | A Beginners Guide to Hillwalking Skills

Before we delve into this hillwalking essentials list, let’s take a moment to explore the meaning of hillwalking. The hills and ridges of Bucks are a great place to test your hillwalking skills. In the UK, the phrase hillwalking is used to describe the activity of walking on hills and mountains. In some parts of the country this pastime is …

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