How to choose a smartwatch for hiking

garmin tactix delta

Smartwatch and hiking: two words that cause chaos in our heads!   I know how you feel. When I first started digging around I had no idea how to choose a smartwatch for hiking. Or running. Or cycling!   The number of choices were, and still are, huge.   Did I need a hiking watch with GPS, or should I …

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Softshell Jackets: OEX Stratosphere Review

oex stratsphere softshell jacket

The OEX Stratoshpere: big name softshell quality at a price you’ll like. Hi, today we’re going run through an OEX Stratosphere review. Softshell jackets became a fetish of mine after I tried on a North Face during a ski to the North Pole. I was hooked. The fit and flexibility were like a second skin, unlike some of the hardshells …

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Trekking Poles (or Sticks): How to choose and use them

Trekking poles will save your life! That’s an extreme claim, let’s bring it down a notch. Good trekking poles will save your knees, your back and ankles from a lot of pain! Ultra cheap, heavy as a horse but indestructable – my Gelert trekking poles. And that’s the truth. The best trekking poles are robust, adjustable and lightweight. Using them …

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Top tips for expedition planning

So, you have a big dream…good.  No matter what expedition, adventure or challenge you can imagine, it can be achieved with a simple planning system that we use at Echio Adventure. This article is written to help you dream bigger, and guide you through the process to making your boldest trip yet, a reality. We’ll cover everything from the idea, …

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Become a hiking hero: aka How to get in shape for hiking

Did you know that it’s possible to get super fit without ever having to run? Really, I mean it and all you need to do is walk. Today we’re going to look at how to get in shape for hiking without breaking a sweat, or any bones. If you’re doubtful, don’t be. The military is a fine example of a …

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Coros Apex Review: 46mm Of Serious Multisport Watch

Introduction COROS are a relatively new contender in the sports watch arena and they’re definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a serious upgrade. Admitedly, the Apex is aimed squarely at triathletes with a claim of being, “The best watch a triathlete could ever own.” But don’t let that put you off – this COROS Apex review is …

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Hiking Boot Alternative: The Altra Lone Peak 4 Review

Treksumo was created with hiking and trekking in mind, but from time to time we step off the well-beaten hiking routes in order to explore and review gear we think should have a place in your packing list. A good example of this is the hiking boot alternative category as today we’re going to be walking through a quick Altra …

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What Is Rucking?: Awesome Cardio for Running Haters

Here’s a revelation: one of the two authors of TrekSumo hates running. He sees it as the very embodiment of Hell, but he pounds the pavements and trails because running is one of the best ways to prepare for long days hiking over hill and vale. But there is another way to create a powerful pair of heart and lungs …

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Garmin InReach Explorer+ Review: A Deep Dive

garmin inreach explorer+ review

I’ve already carried out some side by side comparisons of satellite communicators and navigator devices, but finally decided to get a Garmin InReach Explorer+ review out there for our readers. Jake, the co-author of TrekSumo, and I have a huge amount of experience using GPS and navigation devices. I’m ex-military, with 10 years service in the British Army, and Jake …

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