Hiking Boot Guide

Hiking boots are one of the most essential buying decisions you’ll make. It’s important to understand the various features of each type of boot and how to maintain them.

The guides below contain all the information you need to know.

Best Hiking Boots

We’ve tested a range of hiking boots so you don’t have to. Check out our list of the best hiking boots here.

Choosing hiking boots

The type of hiker you are is an important factor when determining the right footwear for your activities. This guide explains the different types of boots and how to select the right pair.

This post walks you through what you need to consider when choosing your boots.

How to Break in Hiking Boots

Preparing your boots, and feet, for long days on the trails is critical if you want to avoid injuries and discomfort. We’ve put together a list of tips that will help you break in your hiking boots in double-quick time.

How to break in your hiking boots

Lacing your Boots

There are multiple ways to tie your laces. And each style has a specific use. In this guide, we explain the three most common ways of tying laces to reduce the risk of injury and discomfort.

How to lace your hiking boots

Cleaning your Boots

Caring for your boots will extend their life and ensure many years of good hiking. Learn how to clean your boots and how to keep them in tip-top condition.

Choosing Insoles

Learn how insoles provide cushioning, help reduce fatigue and add an extra layer of protection to your feet. Includes tips on the best choice for your hikers.

The quick guide to hiking insoles.

Choosing Socks

The right socks will help reduce blisters and keep your feet snug and warm on cold days. Learn the essential tips for choosing the right hiking socks.

Blister Prevention and Care

Blisters are one of the most common and painful injuries a hiker can experience. Learn how to prevent and treat them.

How to prevent blisters when hiking

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