Best lightweight synthetic insulated jackets for men – 2021

If you’re planning some outdoor adventures for next year, especially over the spring or summer, you might be thinking of adding a new lightweight jacket to your gear wardrobe. The best lightweight synthetic jackets can be the most versatile and flexible item in your kit. They’re ideal for active use, for layering under a waterproof shell or heavier insulation, or …

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Best Two Person Tent (2020): 8 Roomy Backpacking Tents Reviewed

I’m writing this as winter continues to skulk outside the front door of my house. Frost glistens on the roads and across the fields which means it’s time to get some cold weather hiking done. Most of my backpacking trips involve at least one night of camping. Even though I usually hike alone I tend to carry a tent that …

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The Very Best Hiking Watch Options for 2020

Hiking watches are a personal thing: some of my fellow explorers and hikers take an approach of simplicity over tech. Others prefer to wear a watch that not only looks cool but is also packed full of the latest gadgetry. I’m one of the former – for me a watch should not be at the epicentre of events that mean …

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The Best GPS for Hiking (Alternative Devices)

Is there really a best GPS for hiking? I’ve been using handheld GPS units for many years now and would argue that it’s nigh on impossible to choose one device that can be classed as the best. In fact, we should think of a GPS purely as a backup device. With that though in mind I’m going to look at …

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News discussion: enforcement of safe hiking

I’ve talked several times before about the tendency of people to go up mountains appallingly ill-equipped. On Snowdon we passed dozens of people in inappropriate shoes, tight denim trousers, cotton t-shirts, little-to-no insulation, and quite clearly not carrying the sort of daysacks necessary to contain water, food, wet-kit, a torch and other essentials. It wasn’t just idle moaning either, or …

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Camping Food Roundup: What makes rations great?

Over the years I’ve eaten my fair share of camping food/rations. They generally fall somewhere from ‘better than expected under the circumstances’ to ‘really delicious given I’m halfway up a mountain, freezing cold, and haven’t eaten in 36hrs‘. There are too many for me to review fully, though I may do some individual products in the future, but for now …

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