Drive the Dalton Highway, Alaska’s most dangerous road

dalton highway sign

Intro Want to drive the Dalton Highway, in winter? Here’s a little advice, and a few memories of my own journey. The Dalton Highway, aka route 11, is a 414 mile long road that winds its way up through Alaska. Starting north of Fairbanks, the route terminates at a place called Deadhorse. And, as you’ll soon see, the many hazards …

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A Greenland Crossing in 20 minutes

Introduction A few years back, I joined a former colleague from my Army days (see if you know him… photo at the bottom of this post) to attempt a Greenland crossing. We succeeded. Along the way there were many trials and tribulations, stories for another day. Since coming completing the crossing I’ve had quite a few people asking for tips …

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North Pole Expedition Cost for a Last Degree Ski

sunset on polar ice

Here at TrekSumo we focus mainly on hiking and running, but over the years I’ve completed a number of expeditions to extreme destinations. I’ve moved this post from my personal blog as it deserves a little more attention than it gets. Trying to come up with North Pole expedition cost analysis is nigh on impossible unless you know exactly what kind of …

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Hiking vs Walking: what’s the difference

I’m not going to start with a sarcastic comment: we all know what walking is because most of us have been doing it since we were small children. But there is still a huge debate fixed on hiking vs walking. For example, in the UK walking and hiking are interchangeable. In the US this isn’t the case. For some strange …

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Roundup: How to choose a handheld GPS

garmin etrex 10 handheld gps

Hi all, time for another Q&A session and this time we’ve got some advice on how to choose a handheld GPS. In itself, that’s a vast and subjective question. Hikers all have their gear preferences and choice of satelllite navigation is huge and often debated in earnest. Instead of pointing you at a particular brand (because even Jake and I …

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Best camping showers of 2022

Lockdown and travel restrictions have made a lot of people think about taking a staycation this summer. If your plan for a summer holiday is less ‘Cruising in the Carribean’ and more ‘Camping in Brecon‘, you might be looking for a simple, portable, camping shower so you can still stay fresh and ready to stroll to a pub after a …

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Best watches for military personnel

A really good watch has been an essential piece of equipment for military personnel for almost as long as watches have existed. Good time-keeping is of course critical on operations, on exercise and in camp. But as watches become more and more packed with features, their utility to the military only increases. Having ready access to navigation features, waypoints, and …

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Best lightweight synthetic insulated jackets for men – 2022

If you’re planning some outdoor adventures for next year, especially over the spring or summer, you might be thinking of adding a new lightweight jacket to your gear wardrobe. The best lightweight synthetic jackets can be the most versatile and flexible item in your kit. They’re ideal for active use, for layering under a waterproof shell or heavier insulation, or …

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Best Two Person Tent (2021): 8 Roomy Backpacking Tents Reviewed

I’m writing this as winter continues to skulk outside the front door of my house. Frost glistens on the roads and across the fields which means it’s time to get some cold weather hiking done. Most of my backpacking trips involve at least one night of camping. Even though I usually hike alone I tend to carry a tent that …

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Best Hiking Watch Options for 2022

Hiking watches are a personal thing: some of my fellow explorers and hikers take an approach of simplicity over tech. Others prefer to wear a watch that not only looks cool but is also packed full of the latest gadgetry. I’m one of the former – for me a watch should not be at the epicentre of events that mean …

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