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Ortovox Traverse 30 Review – An all-rounder backpack

Hey there, fellow trail blazers! If you’re like us here at TrekSumo, you’re always on the hunt for the next best piece of hiking gear. Well, we might’ve just discovered something for you. Say hello to the Ortovox Traverse 30 – an all-rounder backpack. I’ve been looking for a replacement for my trusted Deuter Guide 35+ and it was love at first orange-tinged sight, so I put this little beast through its paces on challenging terrains, and it’s time to share what we found. Strap in folks, this is an adventure review you don’t want to miss!

The Ortovox 30 ‘in a nutshell’

Rear view of the Traverse 30
A summer hike with the Ortovox Traverse 30.

Browsing your local outdoor gear shop in search of a backpack and your eyes settle on the Ortovox Traverse 30. Nice choice! The Ortovox, that rockstar of a pack, will ace your expectations. This backpack is designed for those who never get tired of exploring. Whether you’re hiking, travelling, or scaling mountains, it’s right there with you. Built to be rugged beyond belief, it embodies the sturdiness and durability that the wild outdoors demands. In essence, it’s your go-to backpack black charm with a touch of class.

This rucksack scores high on functionality and style and lives up to the reputation of the Ortovox brand. It’s the perfect companion to match with your outdoor pants and a pair of sturdy walking shoes. Be it a challenging trekking expedition or a leisurely walk in the woods, carrying your load in the Traverse 30 is an absolute breeze. This isn’t just a 30-litre storage space – it’s a versatile, sturdy lifesaver designed to keep up with your adventurous spirit.

Except for the backpack’s black hue, which makes it effortlessly elegant, there’s nothing ‘standard’ about this backpack. The Traverse 30 is designed for maximum comfort with its lightweight structure, smooth back panel, and cushioned shoulder straps. Coupled with outdoor pants and comfortable shoes, it elevates your walking experience, making each stride easier than the last. So, that’s the Ortovox 30 in a nutshell, an all-rounder backpack created for dynamic individuals like yourself. Chase your adventures with confidence, knowing it won’t let you down!

Why trust us?

Jake and I have been hiking and trekking for many years. Between us we have a combined total of over 50 years of experience in environments ranging from the Arctic, the desert, the jungle… and everywhere in between. We’ve lugged loads of varying weights on our backs and we know a good rucksack when we see (and feel) one. When we review a backpack we take it to the very limit of its capabilities and robustness. We’ve even had a few failures during our testing cycle.

You’re probably wondering, “Why trust us?” Well, let me start off by saying we at TrekSumo are not just writers, we’re avid adventurers like you. Jake and I love to be out there, testing gear, and analyzing every detail – that’s why our reviews are something you can rely on. Each review we produce is based on real-world experiences, not just a simple inspection. We’ve put the Ortovox Traverse 30 through its paces – from rugged forest trails to cascading valley rivers – and everything we share is 100% genuine.

We are as transparent as that clear mountain stream you dream of wading through. When it comes to data, you can trust we are just as exhaustive. We analyze data from numerous sources – user inputs, expert opinions, and our own intensive field-testing. Scroll through our reviews and you’ll see just how serious we are about presenting data that’s both insightful and relevant.

So, when you see us reviewing the Ortovox 30 or any other gear, remember – we’re in it for the love of hiking and delivering dependable, unbiased reviews. Trust us, we’ve got your back(pack)!

The Ortovox Traverse 30: Your Perfect Hiking Companion

Brilliant orange. I love it.

Let’s dive into a deep exploration of the Ortovox Traverse 30. We hit the trails with it, climbed hills, and tested it through windy, rainy, and sunny weather. No piece of data was ignored, folks – we’re talking everything, from stitching to storage capacity and comfort. This review is based on real-life data, gathered over days of tough trekking.

Our Ortovox Traverse 30 review is as unbiased as it comes. We’re not sponsored by any brand. We’re just passionate hikers who know the difference a good, reliable backpack can make. At TrekSumo, we’re committed to bringing you accurate, practical reviews.

As our trekking expeditions got tougher, the Ortovox Traverse 30 really showcased its worth. A total all-rounder, it proved ideal for every form of outdoor pursuit we subjected it to. With top-notch comfort and durability, it swiftly became one of our all-time favourites (for me, the Montane Trailblazer 25 comes a close second). It’s roomy, without feeling bulky, easily accommodating all your gear. Yet, despite being packed full, it never once felt uncomfortable.  The Ortovox Traverse 30 hits high on functionality and style. It offers several unique features without compromising its fundamental purpose – to comfortably carry your gear on trail adventures. This review is meant to provide you with all the data to consider before making a choice. So, fellow explorers, if you’re on the hunt for a companion that can handle whatever the trail throws at it, this could very well be it. Happy hiking!

Overview of The Ortovox Traverse 30 Accessories and Features

Next up, let’s deep dive into the accessories and features. This is no regular Ortovox backpack. No, it’s got everything you could ask for and just that little bit more. We’re talking about a compact hiking partner that’s versatile enough for various outdoor activities, thanks to the wide range of Traverse 30 accessories.

Let’s start with the convenience it offers. You’ve got a compartment for those old-fashioned bits of paper called a ‘map’ and other vital accessories (you can easily fit a GPS in here too). For hikers who use tools, there’s fast access too! An added touch we rather like is the insulated tion system pouch – not more breaking ice to get to a potentially life-saving sip of water. Believe us, it’s the little thoughtful things that make this rucksack stand out.

For the hard-core hikers who fancy hitting the slopes, your avalanche gear fits perfectly into its readily accessible safety compartments. What’s more, a helmet net, a hip pocket, and a signal whistle stitched into the chest strap are just icing on the cake.

Image of the Traverse 30 whistle fitted to the chest strap
A nice touch – the Traverse 30 has a whistle fitted to the chest strap

Despite providing so many features, there is no compromising on comfort. The ergonomic design, comfortable back system, and load control straps enhance comfort and fit. It’s these little touches that make the Traverse 30 a complete all-rounder Ortovox backpack.

So whether it’s a gruelling hike or an adventurous ski day, the Traverse 30 has got your back, quite literally! Not just an ordinary bag, we think it’s like a magic wand for outdoor enthusiasts. And remember, these are just the accessories; imagine what else this beauty has to offer!

Ortovox Traverse 30 AttributesComments

Brand: Ortovox

Ortovox is a reputable brand, renowned for its high-quality mountaineering gear.

Model: Traverse 30
The Traverse 30 model is a versatile and durable backpack ideal for hiking and mountaineering.

Material: Nylon

The backpack is made from 210 D nylon, ensuring it is both lightweight and rugged enough to withstand extreme wear and tear.
Volume: 30 litres
Provides ample space for gear without being overly bulky. Ideal for long day trips, overnight journeys, or less arduous multi-day hikes.

Water-resistant: Yes

Keeps gear safe from light rain or moisture. But bear in mind, it’s not designed for heavy downpours or total submersion in water.
Weight: 1.2 kgMarginally heavier than the Low Alpine Airzone Trail 35, it’s still light enough to carry comfortably over long distances, yet sturdy enough to hold necessary gear securely.
Features: Adjustable shoulder straps, chest strap, load control straps, gear loops, side compression straps, water bottle holder, and hydration system compatible
It provides ample space for gear without being overly bulky. Ideal for long day trips, overnight journeys, or less arduous multi-day hikes.

Colour variations: Blue, Green, Black, and Orange
A comprehensive feature set ensures practicality and widely customizable use for customers.
Price: Varies
The price can vary depending on the retailer, region, and availability. It is a little pricier than some other brands and models, but you get what you pay for and we think it’s more than worth opening our wallets for.


Let’s have a deep dive into the comfort aspect. Now, I’m sure this isn’t your first time hearing about Ortovox – they’re known for making great outdoor gear. But can the Traverse 30 really deliver on the promise of a good carry and ultimate comfort? Well, according to my experience and the collected data, I’d say ‘Yes, it does!’

The moment you strap on rucksack you’ll get the ‘high quality’ vibe. It’s designed in such a way to follow the natural curvature of your back, providing superb support and comfort, even on the longest of treks. I mean, it’s no wonder it has been making waves and earning such high praise in the hiking community.

Image of the well-padded back.
The well-padded back is super-comfortable and provides excellent ventilation.

And it’s worth mentioning again, that this isn’t just about a comfortable back pad or a good carry. The Traverse 30, or as we lovingly refer to it at TrekSumo, “The all-rounder backpack,” has been meticulously designed with your comfort in mind, from all angles. It’s the well-thought-out weight distribution, the adjustable strap system, the breathable materials used, and of course, the excellent back pad. It all comes together to create a hiker’s dream.

It’s a game-changer in terms of comfort. Having spent countless hours on trails, trust me when I say, it’s a keeper. So, get prepared to kick back, enjoy the journey and let your backpack do the heavy lifting for you!


Let’s talk about one of the highlights:Traverse 30 – storage. It honestly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘pack it up and go’. The main compartment of the Traverse is big enough for day trips, and shorter overnight snow missions, and if you pack light it just scrapes into the multi-day hiking category. I mean, we’re talking serious space here. You’ve got room for all the necessities and then some.

Now, it’s important to mention that the organization in the main compartment is nothing short of impressive. There’s a specific spot for each of your hiking essentials – from your devices (GPS, etc) to select items you wouldn’t even think of packing. We weren’t kidding when we said this backpack knew how to hold its own!

The Ortovox Traverse is not all about the main compartment though; there are exterior storage options that come quite handy during those moments when you need quick access to select items. It’s like every time you use the Traverse on your trip, you end up finding a new pocket or storage feature – it’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. On a more serious note though, one of the greatest things about the Ortovox Traverse is that all this storage power doesn’t compromise on comfort or portability. Whether you’re off for a day trip or a daring overnight snow mission, you can trust that the Ortovox Traverse has got your storage needs covered. And, isn’t that what a great backpack is supposed to do?


This backpack is a gem. The main compartment isn’t shy at all, offering 30-litre capacity. The beauty of the main compartment is the generous space to carry all your essentials for a day’s hike or an overnight trip. One thing I’ve found handy is the ease of access – it’s a breeze to get your stuff in and out.

Image of quick release fastenings
Standard quick-release fastenings – nothing exciting to see here, move along…

One thing about Traverse 30, it’s not all about the main compartment. There’s also a compartment for emergency gear, like a first aid kit and avalanche hazard tools. Not something we hope to use, but necessary nonetheless. There’s also a map compartment.

When it comes to accessorizing, Traverse 30 smashes it! There are attachments for ice axes and hiking poles, and mesh side pockets for water bottles. One of my favourite features is the integrated rain cover – a lifesaver during unexpected showers. The Traverse 30 is a well-thought-out piece of gear.

When it comes to comfort, thanks to the foam padding and breathable mesh, it almost feels like Traverse 30 is giving you a warm, comfortable hug. This backpack balances functionality and comfort so splendidly that it’s hard to look elsewhere for a hiking backpack. You’d think that with such features, comfort might be compromised, but no – not at all.

Water resistance

Let’s talk about a major factor for any hiker – water resistance. More good news: the Traverse 30 is designed with a robust water-resistant fabric. Even though it’s not a waterproof backpack, it’ll keep mostly everything dry in a light drizzle. I wouldn’t recommend testing it out in a downpour, though. Believe me, I’ve been there with this bag and let’s just say… it wasn’t exactly fun.

In terms of water resistance, it’s more than adequate for most hikers. We’re going up mountains, across moors, and through forests. While it might not pass the ‘toss it in the lake’ test, it’s gonna stand up to most of what the weather can throw at it.

Another great aspect of the Traverse 30 is that it has a separate compartment for wet items. It’s an ideal feature for when you want to separate sweaty or wet clothing from the rest of our accessories. The bag’s design allows any damp accessories to air out, which results in less moisture trapped inside. So, don’t let a bit of rain get you down.

So to sum it all up, if a waterproof backpack that will keep everything dry is high on your priority list, you might want to go for a different model of bag. But if a sturdy bag with some decent water resistance will do just fine, the Ortovox Traverse 30 needs to be on your radar.


“Is it worth the price?” Yes! But let’s not just show you, let’s tell you why! First off, we’re talking about quality here. The kind of quality that’s sadly lacking in some backpacks these days. Your money pays for something that’s not just pretty to look at—it’s also built to last. Trust us, we’ve seen mountains of reviews pouring in praising not just how roomy the Ortovox Traverse 30 is, but also how comfortable and durable.

Hold up, we know what you’re thinking. “It’s just a backpack, why the high price?” Well, here’s where we need to show you the bigger picture. The Ortovox Traverse 30 is not just your average run-of-the-mill pack. It’s an all-rounder. It features ample storage with acute attention to balance, alleviating strain from long periods of wearing it on your back. Plus, the water resistance? Top-notch. You’ll never have to worry about your things getting wet again, even in the most challenging weather conditions.

We’ve read the reviews, we’ve done our research, and this backpack seems like it can do it all. You’re paying for versatility, reliability, and endurance. So, while the price may lean towards the higher end – for what you’re getting, it’s the reviews, not just us, that show the Ortovox Traverse 30 as an investment that’s worth every penny.

And how many pennies? The Ortovox Traverse 30 costs around £120/$150.

Ortovox Traverse 30 – Precision Gear for Hiking Enthusiasts

Image of some of the Traverse 30's straps and attachment points.
The Ortovox Traverse 30 has oodles of attachment points for your hiking/mountaineering gear.

The Ortovox Traverse 30 has become my go-to bag for hiking and I recommend it without hesitation. It has been tested this backpack in all conditions, and terrains and the data backs up our claims. Then we thoroughly dissected the backpack in our reviews including features, water resistance, comfort, and even price.

Being all-rounders, we are continually looking for something that fits our demands, and the Traverse 30 hits that sweet spot. This bag is a solid investment for anyone serious about hiking. The combination of its comfort and storage capabilities sets it in a league of its own. The bag doesn’t compromise on either aspect. Not only does it promise a snug fit, it also provides ample room to stow away all the essentials. And let’s not forget about the outstanding water resistance, a feature we can’t praise enough!

Conclusion: Is the Ortovox Traverse 30 Worth The Investment?

So, the burning question: Is the Ortovox Traverse 30 worth the investment? Through the lens of TrekSumo, unequivocally, yes! The Ortovox has truly proven to be an all-rounder beast in the world of backpacks. Its meticulous balance of comfort, storage, water resistance, and features has made it impressively versatile. But hey, don’t just take our word for it, look at the data – from countless happy customers to its well-earned reputation among hiking enthusiasts worldwide, it’s clear this backpack knows how to show up and deliver.

Yes, it’s true that the price tag of the Ortovox might initially raise some eyebrows. The key consideration is that this is an investment in quality, one that will endure the rigorous challenges of hiking while ensuring you’re well-equipped for your outdoor adventures. As part of our unbiased review process, we tested this gear in all types of weather and hiking conditions. The Ortovox didn’t just pass, it excelled. Its water resistance and range of features aren’t just impressive, they are real game changers.

You know us here at TrekSumo, we’re all about transparency and value for our readers. You can always trust the privacy policy of Ortovox. It’s not just about data protection, it’s about respect for the customer. To conclude, if you’re to invest in a hiking buddy on the trails, let it be the Ortovox Traverse 30, trust us, you won’t regret it!

When all’s said and done, the Ortovox Traverse 30 is undoubtedly a top pick for any hiker. The combination of comfort, functionality, and durability, are the mark of a rucksack brave enough to face the harshest outdoors. Next time at TrekSumo, we’ll be discussing more exciting gear for your hiking needs. Now, whether you’re planning a short trek or a multiple-day expedition, always remember—your backpack can make or break your journey. Choose wisely, stay safe, and happy trekking!

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