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Reviewing the Vango Nitestar 375 Sleeping Bag

This Vango Nitestar 375 review comes courtesy of one of our subscribers, Zak. This sleeping bag is, we feel, a less costly alternative to the likes of the Thermarest Saros and Rab Ascent 700 although it’s also less capable. He recently took the sleeping bag on a series of expeditions as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme (if you have kids, and you’re in the UK, I recommend you look at enrolling them – I completed the silver award many moons ago and it is one the most fun and challenging activities I took part in at that age).

Here goes, the Vango Nitestar 375 as reviewed by 15 year-old Zak…

During my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition, the Vango Nitestar 375 proved its worth.

Image of the Vango Nitestar 375 sleeping bag
The Vango Nitestar 375

The Vango Nitestar 375 impressed me with its ability to maintain warmth without feeling overly constrictive. The Vango Nitestar 375 was reliable during the camping conditions (summer and spring).


  1. Mummy Shape: Its mummy shape is efficient for keeping heat in, conforming closely to the body to reduce empty spaces that can cause heat loss. This design also offers a snug fit without feeling restrictive.
  2. Inner Pocket: It includes a handy inner pocket for storing small essentials like a headlamp, or keys within easy reach.
  3. Off-set double layer construction – eliminates cold spots at the stitch lines
  4. Insulated adjustable shoulder baffle – seals heat in to stop it escaping when moving around at night
  5. Insulated zip baffle – helps to retain body heat within the bag whilst reducing cold spots
  6. Horizontal stitching – for evenly distributed insulation throughout
  7. Two-way auto-lock zip – prevents the bag from opening due to movement during the night and zip guard to prevent snagging the lining
  8. Hanging loops – allow the bag to be hung up, keeping it fresh and dry between uses
  9. Grab loops – to hold when moving the zip
  10. 4-Strap compression stuff sack – minimises pack size for easy transportation
  11. Comfort temperature rating: -2°C
  12. Limit temperature rating: -9°C
  13. Extreme temperature rating: -28°C
  14. 3-4 Season
  15. Maximum user height: 190cm
  16. Length: 205cm
  17. Foot width: 48cm
  18. Chest width: 83cm
  19. Weight: 2.1kg
  20. Zip side: Left
  21. Pack Size: L31 x Dia24cm
the nitestar packed

Build and Construction

The Vango Nitestar 375 exterior is made of a robust 100% diamond embossed 210T polyester, ensuring durability that can withstand various outdoor expeditions. This sturdy outer layer protects against wear and tear and shields against nighttime chilliness.

The Alpha Insulation system creates warmth that can be enjoyed even in damp conditions. It retains heat ensuring a cosy sleep experience, making it an ideal choice for adventurers on the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze expedition.

Complementing its durable exterior and superior insulation, the Nitestar 375 features a 190T slightly brushed polyester lining. This soft-to-touch microfibre lining not only enhances overall comfort but also promotes breathability, allowing for a restful sleep without feeling stuffy or overheated.

In use

I used the Vango Nitestar 375 sleeping bag for my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition in the beautiful landscapes of The Peake District.  The weather was cool at night and approximately 20 degrees in the day.

It efficiently tackled the chilly summer nights and maintained a consistent level of warmth, crucial for a good night’s rest after a day of hiking.

The practicalities of packing the sleeping bag did prove to be an unexpected challenge. The Vango Nitestar 375 sleeping bag, advertised for its insulation and comfort, did cause a bit of a logistical setback when it came to packing.

Its ample warmth and snug interior were great for chilly nights, but its size posed a problem. As I carefully packed my gear, the sleeping bag would not fit into the limited space within my rucksack.  Despite its many qualities, its bulkiness became a bit of a predicament, in the end I had to strap the sleeping bag outside of the rucksack.


Reasons why you’d recommend the sleeping bag:

  • One positive aspect of the Vango Nitestar 375 sleeping bag is its spacious design that allows for comfortable movement. Unlike some sleeping bags that can feel restrictive or confining, this one offers ample room to manoeuvre inside.
  • The inner pocket serves as a handy storage solution, allowing you to keep essential items like a headlamp safely tucked away.
  • The Vango Nitestar 375 sleeping bag provides a cosy and comfortable sleeping experience.

Reasons why you would not recommend the sleeping bag:

  • Its size presents a challenge when it comes to packing up camp swiftly in preparation for the day’s journey.
  • Its bulkiness becomes a limiting factor, potentially causing difficulties in organizing and accommodating other essential gear and supplies necessary for the expedition.

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