Extreme cold weather sleeping bag: a guide

Going on an adventure of any sort can be a big deal. And when you strike out into those really cold places you need to take extra care with your planning. One thing I’ve learned the hard way is the art of getting your choice of extreme cold weather sleeping bag right. I used plural as there are so many …

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What to wear hiking: aka adventure wear advice

One of the most often asked questions we have here at TrekSumo is: what to wear hiking? And it’s one that spans all weather conditions and terrains. Whilst we can’t give you a definitive list covering every possibility, we can give you a rule of thumb guide that will help you choose the right hiking clothes for the conditions you’ll …

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Hiking boots or shoes: the great debate

Merrell Accentor

The great hiking boots or shoes debate has been raging for years. On one side, the seasoned veterans who were born wearing boots and, just like a wild west gunslinger, plan to go out with their boots on. In the far corner, are the fans of slipper-like hiking shoes that gently cradle their feet like a newborn mother holding her …

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The Ultimate Walking Boot Guide

Welcome to the ultimate walking boot guide. Jake and I are seasoned hikers with a number of major expeditions under our belts, so you can trust us to deliver answers to all your walking and hiking boot questions. This guide is designed for seasoned and beginner walkers looking for a better understanding of factors such as fitting, waterproofing, blister prevention …

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First Aid for hikers and expeditions

How to give First Aid When you’re hiking through regions where professional care is difficult to reach it is important to be trained in the basics first aid. Along with a good first aid kit this section should help to prepare you for most emergencies. Jake and I have both been trained to basic medical standards and we highly recommend …

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Hiking Brand Deep-Dive: Rab

Anyone who has read this blog a lot over the last few years will know that both authors are lovers of Rab gear, and I (Jake) in particular own a huge amount of it. It’s my go-to gear brand for a few different reasons, some of which I’ll discuss below, but, perhaps because Rab is a British brand, it’s not …

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Essential Hiking Skills and Gear You’ll Need in 2021

essential hiking gear small rucksack and foot

Let’s take a look at the essential hiking skills you’ll need for 2021, because 2020 was a nightmare year that we’re all gald to leave hehind. Vaccines are being rolled out which means that pretty soon there will ne nothing to stop us from getting back out onto the trails and into the hills where we thrive. Let’s get this …

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Choosing the Best backpack for Hiking Is Easy (Honest).

Large back

You’ve come to the end of a hard day’s hiking. Your feet are swollen, your legs tired and all you want to do is shrug off your backpack, pitch tent and get some food inside you. Sliding off your backpack brings instantaneous relief. Then an ache that runs the whole length of your body. That’s ‘hiker’s back’. It’s the deep, …

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How to choose a smartwatch for hiking

garmin tactix delta

Smartwatch and hiking: two words that cause chaos in our heads!   I know how you feel. When I first started digging around I had no idea how to choose a smartwatch for hiking. Or running. Or cycling!   The number of choices were, and still are, huge.   Did I need a hiking watch with GPS, or should I …

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