Essential Hiking Skills and Gear You’ll Need in 2021

essential hiking gear small rucksack and foot

Let’s take a look at the essential hiking skills you’ll need for 2021, because 2020 was a nightmare year that we’re all gald to leave hehind. Vaccines are being rolled out which means that pretty soon there will ne nothing to stop us from getting back out onto the trails and into the hills where we thrive. Let’s get this …

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Choosing the Best backpack for Hiking Is Easy (Honest).

Large back

You’ve come to the end of a hard day’s hiking. Your feet are swollen, your legs tired and all you want to do is shrug off your backpack, pitch tent and get some food inside you. Sliding off your backpack brings instantaneous relief. Then an ache that runs the whole length of your body. That’s ‘hiker’s back’. It’s the deep, …

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How to choose a smartwatch for hiking

garmin tactix delta

Smartwatch and hiking: two words that cause chaos in our heads!   I know how you feel. When I first started digging around I had no idea how to choose a smartwatch for hiking. Or running. Or cycling!   The number of choices were, and still are, huge.   Did I need a hiking watch with GPS, or should I …

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Five great last-minute presents for hiking enthusiasts

It’s the weekend before Christmas and, depending where in the world you live, Covid restrictions might be making in-person shopping pretty difficult. If you’re starting to panic about what you can possibly buy as a Christmas gift for the hiker or outdoors enthusiast in your life then don’t worry – here are five ideas you can order online over the …

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Top tips for expedition planning

So, you have a big dream…good.  No matter what expedition, adventure or challenge you can imagine, it can be achieved with a simple planning system that we use at Echio Adventure. This article is written to help you dream bigger, and guide you through the process to making your boldest trip yet, a reality. We’ll cover everything from the idea, …

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Q&A: How to stay warm when camping

I recently found myself on an overnight camping trip with a group, many of whom hadn’t done a lot of camping before. Despite it being a warm day, the temperature dropped significantly at night and some people were extremely cold and uncomfortable. In the morning, amidst cheerfully-shared stories about lying awake shivering all night, a few people expressed surprise that …

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Q&A: Should you wear GORE-TEX boots for hiking?

Between us, James and I have owned and worn a lot of different hiking footwear over the years. Classic leather boots. Chunky, rigid, water-proof boots issued by the army. Light-weight trail shoes. And of course modern, high-tech, waterproof boots. I recently bought a new pair for some winter hiking in the UK, and ended up pondering a question that I …

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What Is Rucking?: Awesome Cardio for Running Haters

Here’s a revelation: one of the two authors of TrekSumo hates running. He sees it as the very embodiment of Hell, but he pounds the pavements and trails because running is one of the best ways to prepare for long days hiking over hill and vale. But there is another way to create a powerful pair of heart and lungs …

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What Makes A Down Jacket Warm? Complete Guide

Laike Baikal, Russia – you’ll need a high quality down jacket if you’re going to trek this location. Note: This is part of our what is a down jacket series of articles. Now let’s get into this – the easy answer is: eider (the soft down feathers that insulate bird’s bodies). But that’s too simple of an answer. What makes …

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