Hiking Clothing

How to choose the right clothing for hiking

Hiking clothes are one of the most important considerations you need to make when planning your journey. Even a short hike through the woods can go wrong if you’re caught out in adverse weather wearing jeans, a t-shirt and inappropriate footwear.

Here is a link to a general guide we’ve put together. It will help give an insight into choosing the correct hiking clothes for your circumstances:

Waterproof Clothing

Even the driest places on Earth experience rainfall at some point, or other. Choosinng the right gear will make all the difference between having a comfortable hike, or being soaked and miserable. The guides below detail the different types of water-resistant clothing and discuss how to choose gear that’s right for you.

  • The complete guide to choosing a waterproof jacket.
  • How to choose waterproof trousers
  • How to waterproof your rucksack and equipment
  • The best waterproof jackets for hiking
  • GORE-TEX vs other materials


The socks you wear will have an impact on the levels of fatigure you feel and, when you make the right choice, help to reduce foot injuries. There are mnay options available and this guide will help you make an informed decisionbased on your needds.

  • Hiking sock guide
  • The best socks for hiking


Gloves aren’t just for cold weather. A number of considerations exist and this guide walsks through a number of common scenarios most hikers will experience when they’re on teh trails.

  • Hiking glove guide
  • The best hiking gloves


Keeping your head protected from the varying extremes of heat is vital. This guide walks you through how to choose the right headgear for different environments.

  • How to choose hiking hats and headwear
  • The best hats/headwear for hiking


Mid-layer clothing helps protect you from extremes of cold, heat and friction. Let’s take a look at what options are available and how best to match them to your needs.

  • How to choose a hiking mid-layer
  • The best mid-layers for hiking


The Victorians of Great Britain had a term for this: ‘unmentionables’! Fortunately, we’ve moved on from those and we can now discuss this layer of clothing without fear of public humiliation. Big pants, tiny briefs and everything in between are covered.

  • How to choose hiking underwear
  • The best hiking underwear

Eye Protection

Goggles, glasses or going naked! What eye protection is available and which if right for you? In these guides, we dig deep into the various forms of eyewear and disucss the right choices for the different environments hikers can find themselves in.

  • How to choose hiking eyewear
  • The best sunglasses for hiking
  • The best goggles for hiking


Unless you want to hike wearing your hood up, you’re going to need a way to protect your neck from teh worst of teh elements. Let’s walk through how keep your neck happy when you’re out hiking.

  • Neck protection guide
  • The best neck protection for hikers
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