Hot Weather Hiking Tips

hot weather hiking in the Sahara desert
The Sahara Desert – the ultimate hot weather destination for hikers.

You unzip the door of your tent and the heat rolls in – it’s a scorching day outside. Your lips crack at the more thought of hiking into what will become a midday inferno. Even the parched plants look back at you with pity. But suffering for no good reason is dull and painful, so here’s a big list of hot weather hiking tips taken from my many miles of exploration.

Let me caveat this post: I find hiking in cold climates far easier than warmer places.

Time to get down to it…

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How To Cross A River: The Hiker’s Guide

An open lead in the Arctic. Not a river, but not the kind of water you want to jump into!
A narrow water obstacle (open lead) at the North Pole. Not the kind of water crossing you want to attempt.

Picture the scene: your hike has taken you deep into the serene and beautiful hills. Ahead lie swathes of green grass, shimmering peaks and slashes of crystal blue water. But in no time at all the stunning view turns dim as the rains come and turns streams into wild torrents. Now you need to know how to cross a river.

On your travels there are times when your route is going to be blocked by a river, or significant body of water. Some organisations, think military, advocate only one way to cross these kinds of features: jump in with all your gear and swim across! Not one of the rules for hiking we recommend.

Crossing swollen rivers or large bodies of water can be hazardous. Following a storm or flood there is a real risk to life. Today we’re going to explore a number of methods you can use to move or reduce the risk that comes with crossing a water feature.

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Montane Alpine Endurance Review: Worth The Money?

A few years ago, polar explorer and legend Conrad Dickson and I were discussing how to choose a winter shell jacket for expeditions and hiking. The conversation came off the back of my frugal approach to hikes and treks: having one option that works in all environments. We settled on one manufacturer – Montane, a UK outdoor gear company without whose amazing products I wouldn’t be writing this Montane eVent Alpine Endurance review.

As you’ve probably guessed, Montane have been one of my favourite equipment manufacturers for some time now. I first used one of their eVent shell jackets back in 2015 when I did a short ski in the Finse area of Norway.

Now you have the history of my involvement, let’s get into the review…

Montane Alpine Endurance eVent Jacket
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The Very Best Hiking Snacks For Energy

Have you ever wondered which Trail food will give you the best bang for buck on your hikes? This is a question that to be raised a few times by friends and colleagues of mine. There are many onflicting views about which food they should be taking on the hikes? I’ve done a bit of research and combined the findings with my own personal experience garnered over the course of 30 years to produce this post is based on a combination of personal experience and research. Without further ado here is my top 20 list of the best hiking snacks you can cram into your backpack.

The core ideas we’re going to discuss in this post don’t exactly fit into the fitness. But carbs and proteins are essential to any expedition you embark on. Knowing how many calories are burned hiking is great. What’s more important is where those calories come from.

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Merrell Moab 2 Review: The Ultimate Beginner’s Hiking Boot?

Are you having trouble finding the perfect hiking boots to fit with your hiking activities? It can be pretty hard making the right choice, there are so many options out there. Today we are going to kick off our voyage into the mysterious world hiking boots with a Merrell Moab 2 review post. Let’s see what you get for your money.

Unlike some websites I buy, borrow or steal the equipment reviewed (apart from the piece I wrote about the best hiking watch of 2019). Everything I wear, everything I use and everything I review is owned by me. Regardless of whether it’s hiking gear or trekking kit – it’s all mine.

Okay, let’s get this review on the trail.

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Garmin eTrex 10 Review: An In-depth View

No hiking website would be complete without a Garmin eTrex 10 review. This valuable member of the hiking equipment community has been available since 2005 and, in my mind, is a candidate for the best gps for hiking award.

Whilst not the most advanced of GPS devices the eTrex 10 has all the functionality that most hikers will ever need.

So, let’s see what it’s all about.

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The Happy Hikers Packing List

There are countless backpacking and camping guides out there that will teach you exactly which equipment you need to cram into your backpack. Numerous websites will tell you about the  best shell jacket you need to take for a long-distance trek, or the lightweight camping stove that you really need to buy. Rather than revisit what I consider to be well explored territory this hikers packing list will focus on those little extras that will make your hikes and treks all the more fun.

At first, I’d like to distinguish between the two prevailing mindsets in the hiking community. The first is that any hike or expedition should be painful. What this means is that if you’re not suffering some kind of discomfort, then you’re not on a real journey. In some ways I’m inclined to agree with this; our minds and bodies were designed to adapt when stressed.

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Brynje Super Thermo Review: Awesome Underwear

Base layer clothing is meant to keep you cool and dry. How often have you peeled off your fleece, or mid-layer, only to find yourself cold and slicked in sweat? Help is at hand. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the joy of the Brynje Super Thermo base layer system, this is the review for you.

First a story…

Brynje are a manufacturer of premium cold weather and sports equipment. And their gear is good, really good.

I first heard about their gear around four years ago, when I was skiing across Norway. During one of my water stops a small group of women skiers paused on their ski tour and started chatting to me. As we talked one of them pulled off her shell jacket in order to cool down. Underneath her jacket she was wearing a mesh base layer.

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Rules for Hiking: Including Recycling Your Pee!

hiking rules keep the countryside green
Follow the rules, keep the green places green.

We are hikers, we were born to explore, we travel places many others aren’t interested or inclined to go to. We love the outdoors and a sense of adventure that brings being in green and wild places. And with that sense of wonder comes a need to protect and preserve the places we trek and explore. But there are rules for hiking (which I invented just before putting together this responsible hikers guide).

Sadly the world is changing and not for the better. The ever increasing population has placed huge demands on our green and pleasant places. Even though the percentage of people who enjoy outdoor activities is still relatively small the population increase has had an overall and quite detrimental effect on the landscape of our planet.

I hate preaching! Unless of course I’m in one of those more moments when I really enjoyed preaching. But today rather than have a little rant I’m gonna keep it simple: today we are going to explore some ideas on how we can be responsible hikers.

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The Very Best Hiking Watch Options for 2019

Hiking watches are a personal thing: some of my fellow explorers and hikers take an approach of simplicity over tech. Others prefer to wear a watch that not only looks cool but is also packed full of the latest gadgetry. I’m one of the former – for me a watch should not be at the epicentre of events that mean the difference between life and death. That said, I’ve used some pretty cool gear over the years and today we’re going to look at the best hiking watch options currently available in 2019.

The very best hiking watch - the British Army G10! Robust and reliable, perft.
CWC G10 Watch from my days in the British Army. These watches are timeless and near industructible!

All the watches you’ll see here have been tested by either myself, or my friends and travelling companions.

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