Want more gear reviews, tales of adventure and danger? Then check out sites we partner with. – is a technology hub that brings you useful info about cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, cameras, drones, phones, tablets, computers, IT equipment, audio video devices, entertainment systems, wearable devices, games, apps, software, gadgets, power tools… we think you get the idea!

GPS Cycle and Walking Routes – An epic collection of cycle routes and walking routes covering the whole of the UK. We highly recommend you check out this site, there are some real gems listed on the site.

Another great addition to our links comes from Rick, over at He’s written a book, Lightweight backpacking is more fun.  Backpacking the Light Way, by Richard A Light, is a guide to help conventional backpackers lighten their load, specifically by helping navigate the paradigm shift required to enter the world of the ultralight backpacker.  The preservation of comfort is the guiding principle that allows conventional backpackers to learn from ultralight approaches, without sacrificing what we consider important. This insightful book includes an innovative gear organization and packing technique, along with insights learned from 25 years of rugged treks in the Grand Canyon and high mountains of Colorado and New Mexico.  It’s worth checking out.

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