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UPDATE: we are no longer accepting guest posts. Any requests or correspondence will be deleted.

AKA guest posting!

That’s right, we accept guest posts on TrekSumo.com. But it’s not as simple as sending us a poorly thought out pitch, cobbling together a keyword stuffed post and expecting your content to be admired and posted without hesitation.

Jake and I pour much time and effort into keeping TrekSumo in tip-top condition. We see our site as a thing of beauty, a source of outdoor gear reviews and hiking routes that are both well written and useful for out fellow hikers. We even get compliments from time to time, in the comments and in the form of the links that people naturally create to reference our writing.

Currently, we get around 12,000 outdoors and hiking enthusiasts coming to TrekSumo every month. I’m guessting you’re one of them and you’d like to get your writing showcased here? That’s cool.

But (there’s always a but) we have some pretty strict criteria, which you already guessed.

Here’s what we want from you:

  1. Pitch us with three headline ideas. Make them snappy and appealing. I mean, the last thing anyone wants to see is dull. lifeless headline that flops over halfway through reading it. If our fellow hikers want to be bored they can go watch goldfish blowing bubbles (apologies to any goldfish fans reading this…).
  2. Send us around 1800 words of well written, relevant content. What do we mean by that? Don’t write content that we will reject out of hand e.g. off-topic (non-hiking/outdoor gear and routes related), bait and switch (if you don’t know what that means there’s go chance you’ve already successfully navigated this requirement) or anything that could be deemed offensive. On that last note, Jake and I are pretty ‘robust’ but we don’t accept content that is hateful, racist, etc.
  3. An author bio is good. People like piccies and want to know who you are so they can tell all their friends about this awesome hiking blogger they just discovered via TrekSumo. Think of your bio as your conduit to fame. And whilst we are on the topic, please use a photo of you and not one you’ve pulled of the internet (Jake and I carry out searches to check bio images are legit. If yours isn’t alarms bells will ring and your content will be sent to the fiery pit).
  4. Tell us where you want to link. You get two links – one to the homepage of your site and a deep link.
  5. We automate the checking of our outbound links and if we find any shady goings on e.g. sneaky redirects to your very rude cheerleaders site your post will be deleted. Well, maybe not. If it’s good, we will simply remove your links and keep the content in place.
  6. Don’t, don’t, don’t (you get the idea) link to spammy or thin affiliate sites. Even if your site if all about tents, hiking boots, GPS units, etc, we will reject your post if it points to a low cotent website that offers our visitors no value. You see, we love our visitors and subscribers – the last thing we want is to be associated with a bad neighbourhood (no, that’s not a typo – Jake and I live in the UK. We are UKians).
  7. And there’s the heart of the matter: value. Give us some writing that adds value to TrekSumo. If you think you see a flaw in Garmin’s latest iteration of the Fenix sports watch then tell us and write your heart out. It’s the passion we’re looking for, so give it both barrels.
  8. And the final, final point: read bullet 7 again and note the use of the word “passion”. If you want to guest blog for us you’re going to need to pull out the stops and make your words sizzle!

And that’s it, you’re done. We will review your submissions and, if they’re good, we’ll get your post listed on TrekSumo.com

Write us at: treksumo@gmail.com

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