Long Crendon to Chearsley Walking Route

Distance: 4.3 miles

Rating: easy

Time: two hours

Long Crendon is a large village located about 1 ½ miles from Thame. The village is in Buckinghamshire, just over the county border with Oxfordshire. Unlike Thame, which is a small town, Long Crendon isn’t a hive of activity (and that suits many of the residents and visitors). I love the countryside around these towns and villages, which is why I’ve decided to document this Long Crendon to Chearsley walking route.

The route to Chearsley – an even smaller village about 2 miles away from Long Crendon – is pretty easy going. There are a couple of short but steep climbs, and you’ll be walking across fields. If you’re planning this walking route during winter, I highly recommend you wear supportive walking boots or shoes.

Parking is at a premium as this walk starts from St. Mary the Virgin church in the heart of the old village. Most days you’ll find plenty of parking, but best check ahead for any festivals of events as the village fills up fast.

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How to Prevent Blisters When Hiking and Hillwalking

When it comes to hiking and hillwalking there’s nothing worse than that first feeling you get when a blister starts to form. Fact: blisters are the most common injury suffered by hikers. We’ve all been there, no matter how experienced we are. Even now, with over 30 years of hiking experience, I still get a few blisters. What I’m going to do today is show you how to prevent blisters when hiking, hillwalking… and pretty much any other activity that requires you to use your feet.

It goes without saying that, here at TrekSumo, we know all about the misery that accompanies these often small, but very painful, injuries.

Blister prevention fail. This was very painful and a bad example of how to prevent blisters when hiking.
Not one of the worst blisters I’ve had, but still very painful.
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Hillwalking Essentials | A Beginners Guide to Hillwalking Skills

Before we delve into this hillwalking essentials list, let’s take a moment to explore the meaning of hillwalking.

Hillwalking Essentials number one - hills to walk up. Buckinghamshire hills and ridges.
The hills and ridges of Bucks are a great place to test your hillwalking skills.

In the UK, the phrase hillwalking is used to describe the activity of walking on hills and mountains. In some parts of the country this pastime is known as fell walking. Unless you’re in the Armed Forces, this activity is recreational. If you’re like me then the aim of hillwalking is to visit the summits. Although a nice walk up Wittenham Clumps is equally stunning.

Hillwalking is a phrase that covers many other activities. A large number of people view hiking, backpacking and mountaineering to be close relations of hillwalking. I love all aspects of the outdoors and am not going to quibble over words. Terrain covered can include mountains, high moorland, remote passes and coastal walks.

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Walks Near Thame in Oxfordshire | 4 Long Walks

Thame Town Hall

I know quite a few of the many walks near Thame as I live here. The small market town nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside boasts some of the finest footpaths and sites in the English countryside whilst Oxfordshire might not be known for having the biggest hills, it certainly has some truly stunning locations for you to walking. As well as the countryside there is a river Thames, also known as Isis. The Thames runs alongside Thame. On the outskirts of the town there is a bridge over the river which is a great location to play Poohsticks with the kids.

Although not as breathtaking as the Wittenham Clumps, Thame has some amazing country walks to explore. Couple a long day striding out through the fields and byways around the town and you’ll be more than ready to take in some of the pubs and cafes that dot the area.

Some of you may already know I’m a keen runner. I spent many hours exploring the routes around that Thame. Some of these footpaths are great for both training and more sedate countryside walks.

Below are three of the best walks near Thame that I can recommend.

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Wittenham Clumps Walk: Hard and Easy Routes

wittenham clumps near didcot

This Wittenham clumps walk covers 4 miles of beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. AKA ‘Mother Dunch’s Buttocks’, the Clumps are a pair of chalk hills located in an otherwise flat area of the Thames Valley.  Named Castle Hill and Round Hill, the heights offer sightseers a stunning panorama of the surrounding Oxfordshire countryside. Both hills are crowned by wreaths of woodland and one of the clumps is the site of an ancient hill fort dating back to the Bronze Age.

Given their height, the clumps provide breath taking views of the surrounding countryside. I regularly train on these peaks and every time I reach the top I always pause to take in the sights – something not to be missed.

Standing at over 300 feet tall and topped with a crown of trees, the two hills of Wittenham Clumps are local landmarks in this otherwise flat part of the Thames Valley. Stunning views of the surrounding countryside are a hallmark of the Clumps. As is the fact that is hotspot for sledging mayhem in the winter months!

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