Rucking Workout Plan: 6 Weeks to Basic Ruck Fitness

What is Rucking?

Rucking, tabbing, yomping, etc. Rucking goes by many names, but, it’s quite simply an amazing way to get fit with the aid of a weighted backpack. The history of rucking goes way back to the era of the Roman Empire, a time when troops were drilled with full weighted gear. The practise continued in to the modern era and is now a proven way to ensure troops are hardened to the rigours of moving over long distances whilst carrying large loads on their backs.

Although I’ve already documented some hillwalking fitness tips, this guide goes one step further. It’s aimed at anyone looking for that little extra in their training routine.

Before we delve deeper into this rucking workout plan, let’s take a whistle-stop tour of the terms you might see me use to describe the ‘art of ruck’:

  • Yomping. This term is used by British Royal Marines to describe a 30-mile march over Dartmoor carrying 55lbs in their begins.
  • Tabbing. Likewise, tabbing is a British Army phrase used to describe matching whilst carrying heavy weights aka full battle order.
  • Hanging out. An old military phrase the exact meaning of which is coarse. A polite translation of this term would be something along the lines of: ‘Good Lord, I seem to be somewhat worn out from that massive exertion.’

The practise has expanded into the civilian word where many companies have adopted the phrase and built training plans, even businesses, around the idea.

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Hillwalking Essentials | A Beginners Guide to Hillwalking Skills

Before we delve into this hillwalking essentials list, let’s take a moment to explore the meaning of hillwalking.

Hillwalking Essentials number one - hills to walk up. Buckinghamshire hills and ridges.
The hills and ridges of Bucks are a great place to test your hillwalking skills.

In the UK, the phrase hillwalking is used to describe the activity of walking on hills and mountains. In some parts of the country this pastime is known as fell walking. Unless you’re in the Armed Forces, this activity is recreational. If you’re like me then the aim of hillwalking is to visit the summits. Although a nice walk up Wittenham Clumps is equally stunning.

Hillwalking is a phrase that covers many other activities. A large number of people view hiking, backpacking and mountaineering to be close relations of hillwalking. I love all aspects of the outdoors and am not going to quibble over words. Terrain covered can include mountains, high moorland, remote passes and coastal walks.

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