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How to get into the Virgin London Marathon

Some of you may have been hearing about, or watching, the London Marathon this weekend and wondering how hard is it for you to get a place in next year’s race? You may have heard that it’s difficult to get a spot, or that doing so requires you to be a great runner, or to raise a load of money …

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How to create your own marathon training plan

As someone currently training for my seventh marathon, and having done extremely varying levels of training for each, I think I’m quite well-qualified to discuss the benefits and challenges of following a training plan while also trying to maintain a normal life. Pretty much every marathon I’ve done, I’ve attempted to follow one of the many, many, many plans that …

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How to improve the Virgin London Marathon ballot

how to improve the london marathon

You may have read a post I wrote almost exactly a year ago about the Virgin London Marathon ballot, some of the perceived issues with it, and my personal frustration with the stranglehold that charities have on what should be one of the most accessible mixed amateur and professional sporting events in Britain. Since writing that article I have spoken …

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