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Review: Rab Alpine Microlight Jacket

Last year, when I was doing a bunch of travelling to the chilly Pacific Northwest, I decided to buy a fairly serious insulated jacket that would mainly be worn casually rather than necessarily for hiking. The Rab Alpine Microlight is one of Rab’s lightest down jackets, with around 125g (depending on size) or 750 fill power hydrophobic down, contained in …

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Review: Bose SoundSport Wireless

I’ve been hunting for ages for a pair of really good running headphones. I like listening to music, audiobooks and podcasts while I’m running, but it’s essential to find a really comfortable, reliable pair of headphones that won’t get in the way or fall out. I’ve not had much luck with that, and have gone through a couple of cheap …

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What’s in my foot-care kit, and why

foot care kit

One of my ‘must-carry’ hiking items that probably owes a lot to my military training is my foot-care kit. Although it could be seen as unnecessary weight, and probably is by many ultra-light hikers, for me it’s a crucial way to make sure I stay reasonably comfortable and healthy for day after day of hiking, potentially in pouring rain or …

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Review: Rab Ascent 700 Sleeping Bag

I’ve now taken my new sleeping bag, the Rab Ascent 700, on a few adventures including several night of wild camping in both Scotland and Washington State, so I thought it’s time to give it a bit of a review. Overview of the Rab Ascent 700 First off, I think it’s helpful to understand the sleeping bag ‘on paper’ before …

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My Seven Carry-on Essentials

At the moment I’m doing a lot of travelling for work and, while I actually enjoy travelling and don’t even hate airports all that much, multiple 10+ hour flights a month takes a toll and requires a finely honed strategy for survival. Moving fast and light is preferrable to lugging huge bags across the airport concourse, and I thought you …

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PCT Section J – an alternate kit list

If you’ve read Jake’s trip report, and his PCT section J kit list, you might be interested to see what a mildly alternative hiking philosophy looks like. The same disclaimers apply – I don’t claim to be a perfect packer, or that this kit list is complete (I may have forgotten some things). However, it’s been developed through the experiences …

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Camping food reviews: Eat well, hike easy

A regularly updated post containing reviews of different camping meals. For a general overview of the different types of meals out there, and the pros and cons of each, read this article. Adventure Food Pasta Carbonara Like most of the meals covered here, this is a dehydrated meal to which you add water. This makes it fairly lightweight, and works …

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Guest Review: Outdoor Research Transcendent Hoody

I’ll start this review by saying that I have jackets that are quite a lot warmer than this one and I also have jackets that are lighter but I reach for this jacket much more often, so I feel that this says a lot about it’s usefulness! It’s a pretty simple jacket, mine weighs approx 400g and is filled with …

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How to repair a down jacket

A minor disaster occurred yesterday as I took a corner too sharply going through a door and caught my lovely Rab down jacket on a sharp piece of metal, tearing it slightly. An untreated tear in a down jacket is a disaster, as all the down within that section will pretty rapidly come out, and create an un-insulated spot. Rab, …

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