Brynje Super Thermo Review: Awesome Underwear

Base layer clothing is meant to keep you cool and dry. How often have you peeled off your fleece, or mid-layer, only to find yourself cold and slicked in sweat? Help is at hand. For anyone who hasn’t experienced the joy of the Brynje Super Thermo base layer system, this is the review for you.

First a story…

Brynje are a manufacturer of premium cold weather and sports equipment. And their gear is good, really good.

I first heard about their gear around four years ago, when I was skiing across Norway. During one of my water stops a small group of women skiers paused on their ski tour and started chatting to me. As we talked one of them pulled off her shell jacket in order to cool down. Underneath her jacket she was wearing a mesh base layer.

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The Very Best Hiking Watch Options for 2019

Hiking watches are a personal thing: some of my fellow explorers and hikers take an approach of simplicity over tech. Others prefer to wear a watch that not only looks cool but is also packed full of the latest gadgetry. I’m one of the former – for me a watch should not be at the epicentre of events that mean the difference between life and death. That said, I’ve used some pretty cool gear over the years and today we’re going to look at the best hiking watch options currently available in 2019.

The very best hiking watch - the British Army G10! Robust and reliable, perft.
CWC G10 Watch from my days in the British Army. These watches are timeless and near industructible!

All the watches you’ll see here have been tested by either myself, or my friends and travelling companions.

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How To Choose A Winter Shell Jacket

Today we’re going to look at the most important factors to consider when choosing a winter shell jacket for your hikes and expeditions.

Shell jackets come in two types: winter and summer. For now, let’s forget summer jackets as in most cases you’re probably be using the softshell or walking around in your T-shirt.

For anyone looking for advice and recommendations on other equipment and general advice, head on over to our hillwalking essentials post.

Most hardshell jackets are specialised pieces of equipment designed for the most arduous and testing of environments. I own a number of shell jackets, both hard and soft. Experimenting with outdoor gear gives me a buzz and over the years I’ve built up a collection of shell layers made by different manufacturers.

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How To Choose An Emergency Hiking Shelter

The headline is a little provocative, but I have an admission to make. On two occasions I’ve come close to death whilst hiking or trekking, the second time was within a hair’s breadth. The reasons why are numerous, but the most obvious failure was not learning from my first mistake. The second was not having an emergency hiking shelter to hand!

Not an emergency hiking shelter.
This is not an emergency hiking shelter!

Some of what I’m going to discuss today is already covered in the hiking and hillwalking essentials post. Rather than rehash the points already covered, we’ll be exploring some of the considerations when choosing an emergency shelters for hikers and anyone else who ventures out into the wilds.

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Lightweight Camping Stove Types (Which is Best for You?)

Choosing a lightweight camping stove should be an easy task, but is it? Many factors will affect your decision and some of the considerations you’ll need to think about include:

  • The environment in you’ll be hiking and camping in
  • Burn time
  • Size and weight of fuel cannisters/duration of you trip
  • Ease of maintenance and repair.

This list is small and is based on my own experience of camping and hiking the U.K, U.S, the jungles of South East Asia and Arctic Ocean. Your adventure might require some additional thought so feel free to use the above bullets as a starting point.

We’ll cover off these points later in the post. First let’s look at the various options available.

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Garmin InReach vs Iridium GO! Which is the Best?

Garmin InReach Explorer+
Garmin InReach Explorer+. Used during my ski across Greenland.

The Garmin InReach vs Iridium GO debate has been circling for quite some time now. As satellite communications devices go, they both similar and vastly different. I’ve used both the Iridium GO! and the Garmin InReach Explorer+ on a number of expeditions and hikes ranging from the North Pole to the wilds of the UK’s national parks. Each device has its strengths and weaknesses and its these we’re going to explore today.

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The Best GPS for Hiking (Alternative Devices)

Is there really a best GPS for hiking? I’ve been using handheld GPS units for many years now and would argue that it’s nigh on impossible to choose one device that can be classed as the best. In fact, we should think of a GPS purely as a backup device. With that though in mind I’m going to look at some of the GPS options I’ve used on my travels.

My Choices of Hiking GPS

Microsoft Band 2 (with app) – now discontinued by Microsoft, but available to buy at Amazon, eBay, etc.

etrex 10 – simple and never failed

InReach – awesome, but a little pricey

Take a look around the web and you’ll find countless articles asking about the best GPS for hiking, or hill walking, or some of their physical activity. As some of you know I’m not a massive fan of having GPS purely for the sake of having GPS. I talk about the reasons why in my hillwalking essentials guide. Rather than regurgitate my thoughts you can read that post. For the sake of brevity, I firmly believe GPS should be a backup for outdoor activities. Nothing beats the ability to be able to understand and use a map and compass.

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