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Guest Post: Patagonia Nano Air Review

To understand what the Patagonia Nano Air represents, it’s important to understand the background and recent history of insulated clothing. To that end, here is a quick history lesson. Eddie Bauer wasn’t the first human being to use down feathers to keep warm, but he was the first to patent the concept of a quilted down jacket, back in 1939 (read more …

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Presidential Traverse – My kit list

If you saw Monday’s post you’ll know that over the weekend I did a fairly serious hike in the White Mountains; famously home to the worst weather in the United States. Welcome to the White Forest National Park. I thought I’d share the kit I took with me and some of the thinking behind it. I’m not suggesting that this …

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Winter Running Kit: Prepare For The Chill

Every time I think it’s going to start getting properly cold, we have another beautiful, mild, day. Winters in Southern England often aren’t all that cold to be honest, and as a runner I find that most of my winter running kit is only needed to get me out of the door and through the first chilly half-mile, and then …

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Guest Post: Westcomb Apoc Review

Westcomb Apoc

This is a guest post by Isaac, our US Correspondent. Anybody who has even briefly considered buying a rain jacket in the last decade has probably discovered the rabbit hole of competing technologies, hyperbolic claims, and unverifiable, proprietary breathability tests. If you’re absolutely new to this discussion, I’ll hand you over to a man much more qualified than I am …

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Review: WAA 20l Ultrabag – the perfect Marathon des Sables bag

As promised, here are some more detailed thoughts on the WAA 20l Ultrabag we were all given at the MDS expo on Saturday. I don’t know if it’s fair to really call it a ‘review’ since, while I have run 23 miles with it, I have not yet used it for its intended purpose – a multi-day ultramarathon. But whatever, …

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The most useful bit of running kit you’ll never run in

If there’s one bit of kit I’d massively recommend for anyone who likes trail running, it’s a down jacket – despite the fact you will almost certainly never actually run in it. Why? Super-warm and incredibly compressible and light, it’s the perfect thing to chuck in a bag for a long run so you know you have something warm to …

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Winter Training Essentials

This week has been that week where everyone in Britain starts going “oooh, it’s starting to feel like winter, isn’t it?” To be honest, it’s not that cold yet and we’ll probably have another mild spell before winter really hits, but it’s definitely been a reminder that I can’t necessarily just count on being able to go running in my usual …

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