Review: Rab Electron Jacket

Partly for my New Years Eve hike up Snowdon, and partly just for general winter and early spring hiking, I decided I needed a slightly more serious jacket than the Arc’Teryx Atom Lt which, though certainly very practical and warm, isn’t designed to keep you warm when standing still on a day with temperatures getting anywhere close to 0°C. Actually deciding …

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A navigation workshop in Brecon

At the weekend I was fortunate enough to spend a day in the Brecon Beacons with Jake Thompsett of JT Expeditions, doing a hiking and navigation workshop. Although I’ve been taught traditional map and compass navigation, and had to do a reasonable amount of it at one stage, in practice I mostly use a GPS and so I was concerned …

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Longread: Competence, confidence and experience in risky sports

In a couple of posts last year, mainly my weekly roundups (which I’m not doing anymore, but more on that another time) I referenced some tragic accidents that happened to individuals seemingly experienced and well-equipped to do what they were doing (mainly hiking or scuba diving). Accidents like this are always informative because, as someone who hikes and scuba dives, …

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Making time

man running in field

When I was young, I was too busy, now I am old, I am too tired. I had that quote written down in my notebook for ages. It’s from the film The Way, which I wrote a little about here, and it obviously had enough of an impact that I wrote it down when I was watching the film. It’s …

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A real throwback – a trip to the Western Desert

As those of you who follow me on twitter may be aware, I have recently moved house and, while unpacking, have been going through a load of boxes that had largely not been touched since I left school ten years ago. One of the more interesting items I found was something I had forgotten even existed. You see, some time in, …

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Ice climbing

Last week I finally had a go at something I’ve been interested in for a while – Ice Climbing. If ice climbing seems relatively inaccessible, particularly in the UK, that’s generally true but surprisingly few people seem to know that there is in fact an indoor ice climbing wall at the Ellis Brigham store in Covent Garden, and apparently another …

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Six things I learnt wild camping in the Brecon Beacons

Last summer I decided to hike over Pen y Fan with my brother and a friend, starting from the nearby train station in Merthyr Tydfil and ending in Brecon, where there is a bus back to Merthyr Tydfil. Although this is actually a perfectly achievable one-day hike, we wanted to extend it with some other walks and camp for a …

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Sussex Border Path trail run: 15 miles of bliss

Yesterday, as it was beautiful and sunny and it’s a while since I’ve done a big run, I did a 15 mile trail run in the South Downs. A big part of planning a trail run is figuring out a route that runs between two train stations, but is still attractive and interesting to run along. I’ve been a fan …

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