Five tips for running in hot weather

Apparently the weekend was especially hot in the UK, and some of you who were racing or running found it a struggle. Meanwhile, where I am, it’s been no less than 35C for months, and frequently as high as 40. That makes running a real challenge, even early in the morning or late in the evening. So, whether you’re struggling …

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Three great trail runs you can do from London

I lived in London for nearly a decade and, in that time, I got pretty used to the easily-accessible running routes around me; whether it’s the perfect circuit for a little five mile jog, or an exactly 20-mile loop for a long run at the weekend. What they all have in common, though, is that almost all are on road and pavement, …

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The Virgin London Marathon ballot – is it fair?

I find myself in the position this week that my twitter feed is full of people celebrating getting into the Virgin London Marathon ballot, commiserating with those who failed to get in, or moaning about the whole process; while I am away from home and so currently have no idea whether I got in or not. This seems to me …

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Packing for a day trail run | Tips from the Trail

You don’t need much for a one-day run, even a long one, but if you’re doing a trail run out somewhere a bit more ‘wilderness-y’, even if only for a few hours, then there are a few things you’ll need. Here’s what I take. OMM Ultra-15 pack, I love this! Bag: OMM Ultra 15 – a beautifully light bag that’s …

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